Cyber security is too comprehensive to be managed by a single sector. ICT structures are highly interdependent in the digital community, which makes cooperation essential. Cyber security affects all sectors of the community. Sharing knowledge is of vital importance to be able to recognise threats. To achieve an adequate response, those involved must know how to find each other quickly. The NCSC cooperates on the basis of equality and trust. The various partnerships aim to raise the digital security in the Netherlands.

The NCSC cooperates in the following ways:

  • jointly with government parties;
  • with public and private parties;
  • with professionals in practice, education and academia;
  • with international partners.

Network approach

As part of the NCSC, steps have been taken in further elaborating the public-private network approach as formulated in the second National Cyber Security Strategy. This network approach aims to achieve an integrated approach to cyber threats. In 2014 the National Response Network (NRN) and the National Detection Network (NDN) were launched. The sharing of information on threats provides a completer picture of the digital risks around us. Supplemented with specific cyber expertise, together we will be in a position to deliver a fitting response to cyber incidents.

The NCSC also cooperates with public-private organisations specifically for Dutch citizens and the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The following provides more information about these collaborating partners.

Alert Online

Nowadays the internet is used through-out the entire day. Research has shown that people are often insufficiently aware of the risks in connection with using the internet. This gave rise to the introduction of Alert Online in 2012. Alert Online is an annual campaign to make people and organisations aware of their internet and mobile phone use, and the risks which this entails. Alert Online is a joint initiative of the government, business community and academia.

Safe use of Internet

In light of the cyber security campaign Alert Online 2014, research has shown that internet users have a need for information about safe use of the internet from internet providers, consumer organisations or the government.

The Safe Use of Internet website ( is the site which provides information about the safe use of internet for citizens and SME. was launched by the NCSC in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the ECP (Electronic Commerce Platform), the platform for an information-driven society. contains general information on the safe use of internet and warnings of computer viruses, worms and security leaks in software.

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