National Cyber Security Centre - Ministry of Security and Justice


The NCSC is continuously aware of the risks regarding cyber security, such as virus outbreaks and vulnerabilities in software. This is possible, as the NCSC permanently scans hundreds of information sources.


For the internal working process – from detection to advice – Taranis was developed. This is the application that collects and analyses all changes and sends warnings.


The NCSC uses Beita to monitor automatic attacks from the internet on the networks of government organisations. Beita consists of a number of honeypots installed at government organisations. Beita collects data that reaches the sensors from the internet. By doing so it offers an insight into threats and the status of the network traffic.

National Detection Network

The National Detection Network (NDN) is a partnership for a better and faster detection of digital dangers and risks. By sharing information about threats, parties can take appropriate measures timeously as part of their own responsibility, to limit or to prevent possible damage. In this way we're collaborating to strengthen the digital resilience of the Netherlands.

CSAN 2017

CSAN 2017