24-hour support

The NCSC has a National Cyber Security Operations Centre (NCSOC) which is available 24/7 as reporting centre. It detects new threats and vulnerabilities and provides its network of contacts with leads. By strengthening the NCSC, scaling up and realising a joint analysis and incident approach more quickly is possible in an emergency.

The NCSC is the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for the Dutch central government and it also focuses on organisations within the critical infrastructure. This 24-hour help depends on the situation, and can comprise:

  • telephone intake of incidents by specialists
  • advice on settling ICT incidents
  • analysis of malicious software (malware), to determine the nature and seriousness of an infection
  • an estimate of leaked information
  • employing our (inter)national network
  • using specialised software for logging and combating malware
  • support of own technical staff
  • support of management of organisation concerned by experienced incident response managers
  • onsite support

The NCSC target audicience is the central government of the Netherlands and providers of vital processes. Such organizations can contact the NCSOC and CERT inside and outside office hours via cert@ncsc.nl. For General questions please use info@ncsc.nl.

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