National Cyber Security Centre - Ministry of Security and Justice

Symposium 2009

We would like to thank all our speakers and guests for making this year's event an outstanding conference! We worked hard on delivering a high quality programme built on the theme 'Initiating Change' at the WTC in Rotterdam, and we exceeded our expectations.


We received close to 500 guests, a record number. We thank the 240 people that returned the evalation form and gave us an average overall score of 8.44, slightly higher than last year. 
But in the end, we couldn’t have done this without you, our guests. We talked, argued, and had fun with old friends and new people. It's the relations that form during these few days and the opportunities for cooperation that present themselves that make it all more than worthwhile. 
We are really proud we made this symposium happen!


Lastly, thank you for your positive feedback. We feel that many aspects of the symposium were exactly right. At the same time, you gave us plenty of points to improve as well. This will keep up sharp. A selection of your feedback:

  • Very good talks, good networking, great fun at the social event
  • The content and overall organization of the conference is excellent!
  • Good sessions, warm atmosphere
  • 100% hit
  • The connections that can be made in the symposium are excellent
  • It triggered a lot of new issues, challenged established thinking, confirmed strategic choices
  • Your symposium is not just among the best around in security, but it’s the single symposium, not spoilt by commercial interests.
  • Expectations were set last your, during a great symposium. You managed to equal that! Good work!
  • Great mixture of talks, many interesting people, very well organized and presented.
  • It provided a great venue to indentify European Cert representatives and initiate collaboration
  • Overview of developments in the security area

The Dutch media were also interested in our symposium. Dutch national newspapers interviewed some of our speakers and there was quite some activity on social media.