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Symposium 2010

The 9th GOVCERT.NL Symposium at the WTC Rotterdam has been a successful event, once again. Over 500 guests were offered a wide range of speakers and lots of opportunities to network. The symposium took place on the 15th and 16th of November, and was preceded by the Early Bird meeting on Sunday: an informal reception for the international guests and speakers.

International speakers

The programme itself managed to offer something of interest to all attendees, from technicians and scientists to policy makers, in both the plenary and the parallel sessions. Important international speakers like Melissa Hathaway, Gary McGraw, Richard Thieme captivated the audience with their presentations.

Networking at the GOVCERT.NL symposium

Networking at the GOVCERT.NL symposium


There was a great atmosphere and in the corridors many compliments were given to GOVCERT.NL. To substantiate this, we asked our guests to complete an extra evaluation form this year, to rate the parallel sessions they attended. Together with the usual feedback form for the entire event, this will provide us with even more precise input for our evaluation. All input from the feedback forms will be processed now and in the near future we will provide you with more information on the results. 
The presentations of many of our speakers have been made available on our website as PDF.

We would like to thank all our guests and speakers for attending and contributing to our symposium! Together we have put 'Change in progress' to practice. 

Certification GOVCERT.NL

During the symposium, GOVCERT.NL was certified as a Trusted Introducer by TF-CSIRT. Accredited CSIRTs can be certified, using a ‘maturity model’, assigning a score from 0-4 on each of 45 parameters that are grouped in four categories: organisation, human, tools and processes. CSIRTs must obtain a pre-defined minimum score in order to become certified. They must also provide documentation and participate in an on-site workshop that investigates the CSIRT, offers coaching, consultancy and a final assessment. After successfully completing the process, a CSIRT can remain certified by maintaining the relevant information with the Trusted Introducer and by undergoing re-certification every 3 years. 
GOVCERT.NL was the first to receive this certificate. Don Stikvoort of S-Cure handed it out - see video below.

GOVCERT.NL cooperates with partners

We contribute to 'Building a secure cyber society together' by cooperating with several partners in organising this year's symposium:

Some quotes from Twitter

  • Quux_NL: Very good talks in the program of #GovCERT. Something for everybody. And my good friends from #TOOOL teaching them lockpicking basics.
  • j3ssgarcia: Back from the symposium. Kudos to the GovCERT Team, impressive event! Great to see a lot of old friends. See you next year!!!
  • gbozic: End of this year's #govcert symposium in Rotterdam. Excellent program! I was mostly attending the no-press, no-tweets presentations. 10/10
  • julioauto: Had quite some fun at symposium. Met a bunch of interesting people.