National Cyber Security Centre - Ministry of Security and Justice

GOVCERT.NL Symposium 2011: Decade of Challenges

This year's theme was 'Decade of Challenges’. As Cyber Security and Incident Response Team, we have been making efforts for the last ten years to create a secure cyber society in cooperation with the CERT community. The 'change' we have all been working so hard to achieve is now bearing fruit. The raison d'être of an organisation such as GOVCERT.NL is now undisputed.

Our 10th symposium, addressed the past, the present and the future of digital security. The programme itself provided something of interest to all attendees, from technicians and scientists to policymakers, through plenary and parallel sessions. The symposium offered a variety of topics, presented by inspiring speakers and leading experts in the field and a lot of opportunities to network with the national and international participants.

Information on speakers and their presentations is, or will be, available on these pages.