National Cyber Security Centre - Ministry of Security and Justice

Elly van den Heuvel

Elly van den Heuvel

General Manager, NCSC


Elly van den Heuvel is an experienced manager, who has had a long career within Dutch government.
Van den Heuvel has held various positions at the Ministry of Security and Justice. As Head of IT of the
Ministry of Security and Justice, she was responsible for the development of long-term policy within
the field of IT. In 2008, she was appointed General manager of GOVCERT.NL, the Cyber Security &
Incident Response Team for the Dutch Government. At GOVCERT.NL she focused on strengthening
existing (inter)national joint ventures with the members of the Cert-community, partners, stakeholders
and other interested parties. She attaches considerable value to the further professionalisation
of cyber security.

Presentation: Cyber Security improvements in NL

On the 1st of January 2012 The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has been opened. The NCSC is one of the action lines of the National Cyber Security Strategy. GOVCERT.NL is the basis of the Centre. This centre will be formed as a public-private partnership. Drawing up an accurate threat assessment in cooperation with other organisations so that interested parties can respond proactively has her special attention. Ms Van den Heuvel is the General manager of the NCSC and deputy Director of the Directorate Cyber Security (Ministry of Security and Justice).