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Marco Davids

Marco Davids

Technical Advisor, SIDN, the company behind .nl


Marco Davids (1965) works as a Technical Advisor and researcher for 'SIDN Labs'. In this capacity he is involved in various projects, primarily with a focus on the 'Domain Name System' (DNS). Before joining SIDN in 2007, Marco worked as a Senior Network Specialist at SARA, where he was involved in the operational management of the 'Amsterdam Internet Exchange' (AMS-IX) and SURFnet, the Dutch National Research Network. Earlier, he worked for Casema, at the time a large cable company.

Marco represents SIDN in technical communities, such as the Dutch IPv6-taskforce, and he is an active participant in IETF- and RIPE meetings.

Presentation: DANE, the next big thing after DNSSEC

DANE (RFC6698) is a relatively new internet standard, with the potential of significantly contributing to the security and trust on the web. It adds an additional layer of validation to the X.509 standard. Advocates of DANE, believe that a wide deployment will prevent problems with certain fraudulent certificates, such as the ones of Diginotar. DANE might help to restore the diminished confidence in the current PKI system.

This talk will explain the new DANE standard; its impact and benefits, as well as its drawbacks and challenges.