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Martijn Grooten

Martijn Grooten

Editor, Security Researcher, Virus Bulletin


Martijn Grooten has a degree in pure mathematics from the University of Nijmegen. After a few years of working as a researcher in algebraic geometry, he moved to England where at Virus Bulletin, he entered the world of cyber security.

Still at Virus Bulletin, he is currently Editor and also spends some time doing security research. He has a broad interest in all things security and a weak spot for cryptography. He is a regular blogger and active user of Twitter. He lives in Greece.

Presentation: The Good News on Cryptography

SSL 3 is broken. RC4 is broken. Diffie-Hellman is broken. SHA-1 is all but broken. And millions of servers on the Internet are still supporting these protocols and algorithms. If the Internet hasn't broken down already, it will any time now.

Or will it?

This presentation aims to give the audience a more nuanced view. In non-technical terms, it will explain not only the details of some major vulnerabilities and how they could be exploited, but also look at how likely such exploits are in practice.

It will explicitly not give the audience an excuse not to deploy the best cryptographic protocols available, but it will help them understand what to consider when a choice has to be made between supporting weaker protocols and making services unavailable to people with older devices. It will also help understand that crypto, despite its apparent flaws, rarely ever is the weakest link in a secure system.