I would like to start collaboration

Collaboration offers many benefits and can be structured in different ways. By exchanging knowledge, information and expertise, not only your own organisation will become more digitally resilient, also the Dutch infrastructure will benefit.

The NCSC distinguishes three different ways to cooperate: within your sector, your region or as part of a supply chain. Please choose below which form suits your needs.

I would like to collaborate in my sector

Would you like to increase the digital resilience of your sector? Start a so-called Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC).

An ISAC is a sectoral consultative collaboration on cybersecurity. In an ISAC you create a trusted environment with organisations in the sector in order to share sensitive and confidential information on incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, measures and lessons learned in relation to cybersecurity.

Download the guide on collaboration within your sector.

I would like to collaborate within my region

To increase the digital resilience of the region where your organisation is located, you need a regional ecosystem through a network of contacts nearby. This kind of cooperation can in turn boost the security of other organisations in the region. Such an ecosystem is characterised by its network of relations. It encloses a large number of groups which interact with each other for a range of purposesprivate businesses, government bodies, individuals, processes and smart devices. Through cooperation you increase the resilience of the whole ecosystem and of your own organisation. The collaboration itself consists of individual bodies that have mutual dependencies.

Download the guide on cooperating in a regional ecosystem.

I would like to cooperate in my supply chain

Many important processes are the result of chains of organisations. Supply chain organisations take care of the protection of their own products and services and thus for a part of the supply chain. Digital supply chain resilience is the capacity of supply chains to protect themselves against digital threats, to recover from incidents and the ability to respond to changes in the threat landscape. This digital supply chain resilience exists at an individual organisational level and at a supply chain level. To achieve this resilience In the digital supply chain, it is key that the contributing organisations have a mature level of cooperation.

Download the guide for a supply chain collaboration.

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