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Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2016: Advertising networks have not yet shown the ability to cope with malvertising

The distribution of malware via ads on major websites is a problem. Advertising networks have not yet been able to find solutions to this problem. The wide range of advertising networks provides, along with the large number of systems from which the latest updates are missing, a large attack surface. Operators of these websites and advertising networks themselves do not...

24-10-2016 | File

Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2016: Ransomware is commonplace and has become even more advanced

The use of ransomware by criminals in the past year has become common. Infections are everyday occurrences and affect the entire society. Whereas in the past the same price had to be paid per infection, the price is now determined on the basis of the type of affected organisation. In addition, the malware itself is more sophisticated: in addition to files on the local...

24-10-2016 | File

Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2016: Digital economic espionage by foreign intelligence services puts a strain on the competitiveness of the Netherlands

The past year has seen many digital attacks on companies in the Netherlands in which the motive was economic espionage. Espionage for economic purposes is harmful to the position of the Netherlands. These attacks focused on acquiring technology that sometimes still has to prove its value. Two thirds of the affected companies were unaware of these attacks.

24-10-2016 | File

Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2016: Professional criminals carry out long-lasting and high-quality operations

Campaigns by professional criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated. In the past, the digital attacks and associated campaigns by criminals were often of short duration and focused on earning quick money by targeting a great number of parties. Criminals have, in the past year, implemented a number of campaigns where huge investments have been made and which show...

24-10-2016 | File

Dossier DigiNotar

In 2011 it became known that fraudulent DigiNotar security certificates were issued as a result of an intrusion. The Dutch government has denounced trust in certificates issued by DigiNotar. Below you can find more information about the intrusion.

06-09-2011 | File

CSAN 2018

Nederland digitaal veilig