National Cyber Security Strategy

The National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) has as goal the realisation of a safe, reliable and resilient digital domain and to utilize the opportunities that this offers to society. Many parties are involved in the realisation of the new National Cyber Security Strategy and this has been explicitly discussed with the broader ICT community.

The Netherlands cooperates with partners to create a safe digital domain in which opportunities of digitalization are utilized, threats are offset and fundamental rights are protected. In this regard, a good interaction between security, freedom and societal growth is sought with the ambition that the Netherlands becomes one of the world's best in the field of cyber security.

With the National Cyber Security Strategy 2, the government commits itself to the following five strategic objectives:

1. The Netherlands is resilient to cyber attacks and protects its vital interests in the digital domain.

2. The Netherlands tackles cyber crime.

3. The Netherlands invests in secure ICT products and services that protect privacy.

4. The Netherlands builds coalitions for freedom, security and peace in the digital domain.

5. The Netherlands has sufficient cyber security knowledge and skills and invests in ICT innovation.

A part of the first National Cyber Security Strategy is appointing a Cyber Security Council. The Cyber Security Council provides requested and unrequested advice to the government, and also has as task ensuring the performance of the National Cyber Security Strategy.


National Cyber Security Strategy 2

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