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Start your own cybersecurity collaboration

Cybersecurity is a vast domain, it cannot be tackled by a single point of view nor by one organisation alone. IT structures in our society are strongly intertwined, so cooperation in sharing experiences and knowledge is essential. By exchanging knowledge, information and expertise threats can be recognised, identified and warded off. The NCSC has developed four guides...

11-12-2018 | News item

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Guideline supports organisations with their CVD-policy

The aim of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) is to improve the security of IT systems by sharing knowledge about vulnerabilities. Owners of IT systems can then mitigate vulnerabilities before these will be actively abused by third parties. Today the NCSC publishes the “Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure: The Guideline” during the One Conference. This is a...

02-10-2018 | News item

Digital threat in the Netherlands is increasing

The scope and severity of digital threats facing the Netherlands are still considerable and continue to evolve. National security remains under constant threat of digital attacks. The Dutch economy and broader Dutch society have become entirely dependent on digital resources. Attacks and outages can have major consequences, potentially disrupting society itself.

07-08-2018 | News item

NCSC publishes IT Security Guidelines for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps play an ever more important role in our lives. They are as such becoming an increasingly attractive target for malicious actors. The National Cyber Security Centre of the Netherlands therefore publishes IT Security Guidelines for Mobile Apps.

05-07-2018 | News item

Call for speakers One Conference

The international One Conference 2018 will take place on October 2 & 3 in The Hague. Overall theme of this edition is ‘Merging Worlds – Securing the connected future’.

09-05-2018 | News item

CSAN 2018

Nederland digitaal veilig