NCSC publishes IT Security Guidelines for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps play an ever more important role in our lives. They are as such becoming an increasingly attractive target for malicious actors. The National Cyber Security Centre of the Netherlands therefore publishes IT Security Guidelines for Mobile Apps.

Mobile apps have grown tremendously in their numbers for the past years. Many organisations publish apps to increase accessibility for their customers to use their services, stay in touch, be entertained and much more.

Protect against attacks

Because mobile devices play an increasingly important role in peoples lives, malicious actors become more attracted to these platforms to stage their digital attacks. It is therefore important that both the mobile devices and the installed apps are secured. The IT Security Guidelines for Mobile Apps provide with measures to protect apps and their users against various kinds of digital attacks.

The guidelines are developed based on the SSD Standards for Mobile Apps by the Centre for Information Security and Privacy Protection (CIP). In this co-operation, the NCSC guidelines and CIP standards have been harmonised, making both publications identical to each other.

SIVA framework

The IT Security Guidelines for Mobile Apps are structured using the SIVA framework, similar to the IT Security Guidelines for Web Applications. When the application on the server side of the app is a web application, these guidelines for mobile apps can be incorporated seamlessly into the guidelines for web applications, as the fifth Implementation Domain. The Policy and Control Domains are applicable to the full application landscape.

Download the IT Security Guidelines for Mobile Apps here.

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