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Ease of use

In order to comply with the 'open file requirement' (part of the national government's web guidelines) most documents have been made available as type A PDF files, which are practical for printing or for other offline use. Of course you can also print off separate pages on this site via your browser.

Sometimes, where necessary, there may be other (closed) file types such as Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi and Zip files. This is limited to a number of documents which are specifically intended for the professional target group.

You need a PDF reader to read PDF files. Various (free) readers are available, and often a reader will be a standard feature of your computer's operating system. Acrobat Reader is one of the best-known free PDF readers. You can download this software from the Adobe website.

On this website, no files can be accessed which are larger than 20 MB. The NCSC is trying to improve ease of use also by limiting file download time. For that reason, larger files, like some interactive presentations, are made available via an external link and not as downloadable files on the website.


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