National Cyber Security Centre - Ministry of Security and Justice

Privacy statement

Personal details mean the information which can be traced to a person, for example a name, a home address or an e-mail address. These details are protected in the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). This Act helps protect the privacy of citizens, and also applies to personal details collected via Internet. On the grounds of the Wbp, personal details are only collected on if such has been explicitly communicated. It also has to be clear for which purpose the details are being saved.

For the processing of e-mails and forms, the NCSC complies with the government's e-mail code of conduct, which explains how authorities have to act when receiving, answering and archiving e-mail. Your personal details are only used for the purpose for which they were provided. In addition, they are not saved for any longer than is necessary for that purpose. The Wbp does not provide for any exceptions to this rule. The details can, for example, be used for detection work, for example if someone commits a crime via the site or makes punishable statements.


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