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Dutch Data Processing and Cybersecurity Notification Obligation Act

November 23, 2016

House of Representatives of the Netherlands passed the first bill specifically about cyber security. The bill by State Secretary for Security and Justice Klaas Dijkhoff regulates the statutory duties of the NCSC in the field of cyber security and the conditions for public-private partnerships. Organizations in vital sectors and central government are also required to... Read more

Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2016: professional criminals pose an increasing threat to cybersecurity in the Netherlands

October 24, 2016

Professional criminals are becoming increasingly better organized and are using advanced digital attack methods. In the past year, several large-scale attacks have taken place with a high degree of organisation, focusing on the theft of money and valuable information. In addition to the government, the victims were, increasingly, companies and private citizens.... Read more

About the NCSC

The NCSC cooperates in enhancing the resilience of the Netherlands in the digital domain. Our goal is to realize a safe, open and stable information society by sharing knowledge, providing insight and proper perspectives for action.


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The National Cybersecurity Strategy

'Strenght through Cooperation' is the title of the National Cyber Security Strategy which has been established by the Dutch cabinet. The strategy embodies an integral cyber security aproach by government, business and science.

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